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Foxpoint Lending Privately Funds Commercial and Non-Owner Occupied Private Loans

Foxpoint Lending is a private lender that delivers loans tailored for investment properties such as residential (non-owner occupied) and commercial real estate. We are based in Rhode Island, but partner with experienced real estate investors in multiple states.

Our loans are frequently termed asset-backed loans because they are backed by the collateral of the property. These private loans are also frequently referred to as Hard Money Loans, Investor Loans, and Fix and Flip Loans. They can also be structured as bridge loans.

We specialize in loans that do not fit conventional bank lending guidelines for multiple reasons. These include the fact that the property is not yet income producing, that the loan term is too short, that the investor’s credit rating is too low, or that the borrower needs funds faster than a bank can make a lending decision.

We are able to work with both mortgage professionals as well as direct borrowers. Because we underwrite exclusively in house, we can structure loans specifically to each individual property and borrower, and close transactions as quickly as five days.

Contact Foxpoint Lending today and we will work with you one-on-one to come up with a customized plan that suits your needs.

Our Model

Foxpoint Lending serves an exceptional niche, focusing on private, direct lending in any region of the country. As long as the lending parameters fit our criteria and we can structure a loan that works for both our borrowers, we can structure a successful deal.

We will lend against any kind of property – bring it, and we will absolutely consider it. We understand that there are properties that are completely off many lenders' lists. We will consider all deals that fit the criteria we have described, even if they have already been turned down by conventional lenders. Additionally, we are willing to consider structures that don’t fit the narrow criteria laid out on this website – every property and every situation is different.

What is private lending?

When looking at real estate financing, "hard money, asset-backed, or private lending" can be described as a loan not likely to be accepted by a bank, certainty not in the time frame needed by the borrower.

Some of these loans may be bridge loans which will be refinanced when a property becomes income producing, but that is neither a requirement, nor the largest part of our lending.

Our underwriting is based on both the pre-improvement value of the property, as well as our assessment of the borrowers' willingness to pay. We take first position on the mortgage, and our loan to value is in the 65%-75% range. Because we generally know the properties and/or the borrowers, the underwriting process is further accelerated, so while we say five to ten days, five is more typical.

Foxpoint Lending is different from large banks as well as from other private lenders. We lend directly with our own funds and as such have the capability to provide loans both quickly, and structured specifically to the borrower and property.

Our Expertise

Benefit from the expertise of world-class money managers from companies like:

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