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Choose Foxpoint Lending for your commercial real estate loan needs. With closings in an average of 5-10 days, it’s clear to see why Foxpoint Lending is unmatched for commercial hard money loans. Learn more about hard money loans »

Take advantage of short term, low risk, high yield investment opportunities with Foxpoint Lending!

Commercial properties generally result in a wider variety of structures, but they include bridge loans, individually structured loans, traditional structures, partnerships and syndicated loans. Commercial loans include loans on all types of property, including office, mixed use, industrial, medical, residential properties larger than four family, and any other type of property. With closings in an average of 5-10 days, it’s clear to see why Foxpoint Lending is unmatched for commercial hard money loans.

How We Can Help

We can help borrowers like you with:

Cash as quickly as needed.
Lack of current cash flow.
Meeting property sale deadlines.
Financing contingencies.
"Thin file clients" (Little credit history).
Need working capital.

Why Foxpoint Lending?

Why use Foxpoint Lending for your hard money needs?

Honest and rapid answers to all of your questions.
Swift closings with no hidden fees.
True lender that lends its own funds as opposed to a loan broker.
All underwriting and lending decisions made in-house.
All loans structured to specific needs.
In-depth local knowledge of both property and lending transactions.

About Our Loans

The property itself serves as collateral.
Upfront Fees
Borrower pays all costs associated with closing the loan.
We make the appraisal process easy for borrowers by working with one of our in-network appraisers.
Loan to Value
We typically lend at 65%-75% before rehab loan to value.
Loan Term
We will lend for as long as five years, but there is no pre-payment penalty. A typical loan term is closer to 12-24 months, generally with an option to extend.
Fast Payments
For renovation projects, we offer construction financing with an approved plan from a general contractor. All funds are settled at closing and disbursed on your construction project in line with a pre-approved distribution schedule.

How is a private loan from Foxpoint Lending different from a bank loan?

The table below provides an insight into the differences in loan characteristics between a standard bank loan and a residential hard money loan from Foxpoint Lending.

Minimal Requirements

Foxpoint Lending only requires the pre-improvement asset value on your property, but banks and traditional lenders require income, credit score, tax returns, financial statements, and/or appraisals.

Less Than 10 Days

Foxpoint Lending can get you the funds you need in less than ten days, but banks and traditional lenders require 60+ days to get you your money.

No Minimum FICO Scores

Foxpoint Lending has no credit score requirements whatsoever, but banks and traditional lenders typically require a FICO credit score of at least 700 or higher.

Any Property Type

Foxpoint Lending lends on any real estate asset, but banks and traditional lenders only lend on owner occupied and investment properties, capped on the number of properties.

Who Are We?

We are private lenders here to provide quick, negotiable loans that suit your needs. We possess abundant capital and we underwrite, fund, and service the entirety of our loans. We decide everything (unlike loan brokers) and therefore have the ability to create the ideal loan package for your requirements. Allow us to be your lender of choice.

Have Questions?

Foxpoint Lending is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We work one-on-one with both mortgage professionals as well as direct borrowers to structure loans specifically to each individual property and borrower.

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